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Amaryllis Quill - Jessica Nye

Amaryllis Quill is a website and design agency located in Mandurah,WA offering website design, media content creating, online platform management and digital procedures to support small businesses in Mandurah and Perth, Western Australia.

My aim is to help local business owners understand their online potential, take charge, maximise their resources and as a result, grow their business.

If you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your businesses website, social media or digital administration procedures, you are not alone and you can be empowered in this space.

Jessica Nye


Amaryllis Quill

  • Writer's pictureJessica Nye

Boosting Your Small Business with QR Codes

In today's fast-paced digital world, small businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations. One such tool that has gained immense popularity is the QR code. Quick Response (QR) codes offer a versatile and efficient way to connect the physical and digital realms. Let's dive into how you can generate a QR code and explore the myriad of ways it can benefit your small business.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a type of barcode that can be scanned using a smartphone or QR code reader. It contains information that can be quickly accessed by the user, such as a website URL, contact details, or promotional offers.

I recommend a DYNAMIC QR CODE.

This means you can hop in the back end and edit the link address that the code is sending people to. I like to use Canva or Vistaprint to create these codes as you can have your own account with a list of all of your QR Codes in one place...easy to access, easy to use, easy to maintain!

So...Do you have a QR Code?

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In the realm of business, feedback is the lifeblood that keeps organizations thriving and evolving. In today's digital age, where online reviews hold significant sway over consumer decisions, the importance of client feedback cannot be overstated. Whether you're a budding startup or a seasoned corporation, soliciting and leveraging client reviews should be a cornerstone of your business strategy.

Read on to get your free AQ Review Kit!


The Power of Client Reviews

Client reviews serve as a window into the customer experience. They offer valuable insights into what clients appreciate about your products or services and where improvements may be needed. Positive reviews not only bolster your reputation but also serve as powerful testimonials that can influence potential customers.


Introducing the Feedback Request Template

To harness the potential of client reviews, businesses must actively solicit feedback. One effective way to do this is by using a standardized template. Let's break down the elements of a compelling feedback request template:

Subject: Your Feedback Matters

Dear [Client's Name],

Thank you for your recent order through [insert business name]!

Your opinion is invaluable to us, and we would greatly appreciate your feedback on our services. Your insights help us enhance our offerings and better cater to your needs.

Would you kindly take a moment to click the link below and leave us a Google review? Your feedback directly impacts our efforts to improve and provide exceptional service.

[Insert Google Review Link]

Thank you very much for your time and continued support.

Best regards,

The Team at [insert business name]

Why This Template Works

1. Personalized Greeting: Addressing the client by name adds a personal touch, making the request feel more genuine.

2. Gratitude: Expressing gratitude acknowledges the client's contribution and emphasizes the importance of their feedback.

3. Clear Call to Action: Providing a direct link to leave a review streamlines the process for the client, increasing the likelihood of their participation.

4. Reaffirmation of Importance: Reminding clients that their feedback directly impacts the business reinforces the value of their opinion.


As a bonus, Google loves authentic reviews!

Google values reviews because they offer genuine insights, build trust, and help users make informed decisions in a world filled with choices. Your feedback shapes experiences and empowers others to find the best businesses, services, and products.

This means that your Google ranking improves with reviews because they serve as a key indicator of a business's credibility and relevance. Positive reviews signal to Google that a business is trustworthy and provides quality products or services, which can boost its visibility in search results. Additionally, the quantity and recency of reviews contribute to a business's online reputation, influencing its position in local search rankings and enhancing its overall online presence.


Nailed it!

The Team at Salty Saturn Goodness in Waikiki, WA know how important a review request policy is (they also know how to pack a gift box full of delicious local, handcrafted treats!).

Take a look at this glowing review from one of their corporate clients:

"Nothing is too much trouble for the Team at Salty Saturn goodness! they create beautiful hampers to suit your needs, whether it be corporate or celebration gift hampers, or another special occasion. I would highly recommend these hampers and the contents are delicious! - Sally Ackerly - Professionals"


Get your free Review Kit!

Client reviews are a vital tool for businesses to gauge customer satisfaction, improve their offerings, and build credibility in the marketplace.

By utilizing a well-crafted feedback request policy, businesses can streamline the process of soliciting feedback and capitalize on the insights provided by their valued clients.

The next time your client says "Thanks so much I love your work!" respond with, "Thank you, would you mind leaving us a Google Review?"

Remember, your feedback matters – both to us as businesses and to the broader community of consumers making informed decisions every day.

So while I have you, would you mind leaving me a Review?


AQ Review Kit


AQ Review Request Template
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  • Writer's pictureJessica Nye

I have loved to create since the moment I picked up a crayon and as I grew that skill I

was drawn to the power the Art and Design has to evoke emotion and connect with


I started my journey toward designing websites for local business long before I

learned how to use a web design platform, my journey started when I saw the

profound reaction we have to imagery and through my work within local businesses

saw how that imagery and representation can shape how well a business is

connected to it’s customers.

Most of my working life has been spent behind the counter of a small local business,

I’ve owned them, worked in them, worked with them and now I’m here to promote


I know first hand how hard business owners work, I know how much they love the

work they do and how dedicated they are to their customers and seeing great local

businesses and passionate business owners struggle to be seen because their

website and marketing materials aren't a true reflection of their business is a huge

loss in incredible potential.

I'd like to share a quote by Realist Painter Edward Hopper

"If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint"

How do you tell your community what you do, why and how well you do it, without

using words?

Good design is Artistry

It tells your story, it shows the passion you have for industry and the people you


Your website design is the visual representation that your community and potential

clients are using to decide if you are the business they will choose.

That’s the power of Design.

Good Design makes sure you are seen and heard

It makes websites easier to use, it makes you look professional, current and

trustworthy, it even effects your SEO, which is how your website talks to browsers

like Google

If you are trying to run your business, serve your customers, network, manage staff,

find new clients, manage your finances... and all of the hats we wear as business

owners... you have to do all of that AND MAKE IT LOOK GOOD!

That's where I come in!

My passion is to create designs that tell your businesses story, to share it with your

community and make sure that you are heard, while you focus on running your


If you are ready to be seen, heard and known for exactly what your business does

and who you are as a trusted, professional and knowledgeable local business, shoot

me an email or visit my website, tell me your story and lets make sure that your

community knows that story too.

I am Jessica Nye owner of Amaryllis Quill I am a website designer and business

media creator...and I make you look good!

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